Snoring - Sleep Apnea. Are you well-rested when you wake up?

A good night's sleep is important for optimum health as it can affect mood, weight, hormone balance, resistance to disease and cancer,  and all systems of the body.



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    One-third of adults* in the United States sleep less than 7 hours of sleep per day.  Disruptive Sleep Disorders, such as insomnia and chronic fatigue, along with Sleep-Related Breathing Problems, like snoring and sleep apnea, are contributors to the lack of needed sleep.  If you find yourself with these issues, or any other sleep-related issue that prohibits restful sleep, seek professional help. *CDC

    What Are The Treatment Options?

    At the Harkins Pain & Sleep Management Clinic, we combine the TWILITE APPLIANCETM (TWA), which holds the jaw forward and airway more open, with comprehensive airway management, including FOTONA NIGHTLASETM  Intraoral Laser Therapy, to reduce soft tissue enlargement that also contributes to airway obstruction. This novel approach significantly reduces Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) events. In most cases, the need for CPAP/BiPAP, surgical implantation of nerve stimulators, or airway surgery is eliminated, at a fraction of the cost of these alternatives.

    The TWA is an intraoral device that is comfortable, well-tolerated and very effective when utilized for Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, in conjunction with nasal and oropharyngeal airway management. The TWA is similar to a thin athletic mouth guard, custom designed and digitally 3D-fabricated for each patient. The TWA has been developed by the research team at Harkins Pain & Sleep,  utilizing advanced technology, and has proven highly effective in clinical trials on several thousand OSA patients over the past 22 years. The TWA is patented and FDA cleared for management of Snoring and OSA, reducing the significant physical, and psychological health risks,  and numerous negative life style consequences that result from chronic Sleep Related Breathing Disorders.

    We also evaluate and manage several forms of insomnia, with a holistic approach, without utilizing addictive or  dependency inducing medications.